Royal Caribbean will begin its west coast cruises earlier than expected.

The first Navigator of the Seas sailors will set sail from Los Angeles, California, year-round starting November 2021.

When Royal Caribbean announced its return to the west coast, the cruise was initially supposed to start in June 2022, but it is now getting a lot easier.

Travel agents have been notified of the change, which may explain why there was a delay in the crossings for sale last week.

These new itineraries will go on sale in the week of April 12, 2021.

Royal Caribbean offers 3-, 4-, and 5-day itineraries to Catalina Island, California, Ensenada, and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, as well as select 7-night winter vacation sailing trips.

Navigator of the Seas departs from the World Cruise Center in Los Angeles in San Pedro.

The announcement that Navigator will begin cruising in November 2021 confirms the Data originally published on the Port of Los Angeles website before the announcement by Royal Caribbean.

In March 2021, the Port of Los Angeles website listed cruises in November and December 2021.

After posting the information on this blog, the entries were removed shortly thereafter.

Return after a decade

Royal Caribbean’s announcement that it will be cruising regularly from Los Angeles after more than a decade is significant as industry insiders have speculated about the return to the West Coast for years.

While other cruise lines returned, Royal Caribbean stayed away, claiming it could make more money elsewhere.

In 2015 Freed pointed this out Competitor cruise lines with low rates kept getting better. “We’re always looking to the west coast. But we keep looking at the prices that the other cruise lines are getting, and we’re offering an experience we can’t afford to sell at these low prices.

“If and when we see prices rise again and we feel like we’re being paid for what we offer for our product, we’ll be back. But at the moment it’s unfortunately a bath out there.” We sell four day cruises for $ 199 per person, and we’re not just talking about Carnival.

“We spend more on food, more on entertainment, and more on our overall experience on board [than other lines]and so we cannot be the low-price leader in any market. “

The line also pointed to the logistical challenges of returning their ships to the west coast, in large part due to the increasing popularity of cruises in other regions of the world such as Europe and China. Sending ships to these locations meant fewer ships had to go to other ports. (The west coast has always been a seasonal market for ships being repositioned from other regions.)