HONOLULU (KHON2) – It was tense hours for those stuck during Saturday’s barricade at the Kahala Hotel and Resort.

One guest who stayed two flights above the suspect said he traveled home, but it’s an experience hard to leave behind.

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A rifleman barricaded himself in his hotel room and forced all the guests in the Kahala to take shelter. Some people took shelter in the lobby and ballroom, while others like David Fox stayed in their room when the lockdown was announced over the hotel’s speakerphone system.

“The whole hotel was basically taken hostage by this event – it was awful,” said Fox. “I’m not worried about the situation, but it was a crazy 10 hour thing.”

Fox was vacationing on Oahu with his family. He said they tried not to end their vacation sourly, but that experience was certainly unexpected for everyone.

Police say a man shot himself after hours in the barricade in the Kahala Hotel and Resort room

The President of the Hawaii Psychological Association, Dr. Noza Yusufbekova said this was viewed, directly or indirectly, as a traumatic event for those involved. She also said that it would be normal for some to have nightmares or feel a little anxious that night.

“If you maintain this type of experience, it creates mismatches,” said Dr. Yusufbekova. “You just don’t feel congruent or the environment doesn’t feel congruent because the environment is so peaceful and beautiful. And when you combine it with that type of trauma, it just doesn’t quite go together. ”

The Navy confirmed that the suspect in the incident was a seaman assigned to the Pacific Submarine Force.

Seaman who shot identified killed himself at the Hawaii Resort

In March, a 23-year-old seaman stationed there committed suicide while on duty. Torpedoman’s third class little officer, Manuel H. Julian, died on March 15 of a self-inflicted shot.

More than a year ago A seaman opened fire on the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyardand killed two people and himself.

A Navy investigation found the suspect’s mental health status could not be diagnosed and the Navy said it would implement safety recommendations.

The Navy has not yet released any further information about the seaman involved in Saturday’s barricade.

For those who witnessed these hours of the suspect, it is recommended that you speak to a trusted person.

Fox said, “I never thought we’d be involved in any of these things in my life, but we sure were.”