TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – – Minister for Tourism and Creative Industries Sandiaga Uno said he wants to develop a tour package that offers Covid-19 vaccines to encourage tourist visits to local destinations like Bali and Bintan. This vaccine tour package was borrowed from programs used by other countries including the United States.

“For the past two weeks, America and other travel destinations have been running vaccine-based tourism promotions at affordable prices that have been in the limelight,” Sandiaga said on Wednesday, Jan.

He admitted that he had received several suggestions for the travel packages from several tour operators. He also asked the Deputy Minister to follow up and discuss the matter with the relevant ministries and institutions.

Based on the scheme, the tour package allows the public to get free Covid-19 vaccines in tourist cities. Therefore, the ministry assumed that spending on goods, groceries and accommodation in destinations where the tour package will operate will circulate money.

The program not only drives economic growth in the tourism sector, but also aims to prevent people abroad from buying vaccination packages.

“We don’t want any leaks as there are vaccine packets in the US and people flock to access that may give them vaccines when they travel,” said Sandiaga Uno.

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