Fully vaccinated travelers from all countries now enjoy more freedom and freedom of movement around the Caribbean island st. Lucia.

With proof of a complete vaccination (e.g. two weeks after a second Moderna or Pfizer vaccination or a one-time Johnson & Johnson vaccination), visitors at the airport receive a wristband and can immediately move freely around the island: on a discovery tour with their own renting a car, visiting local markets and supermarkets and eating in some restaurants.

Unvaccinated travelers to St. Lucia must continue to have a mandatory 14-day stay in “COVID-19 certified“Housing – those that adhere to all major health safety protocols. Unvaccinated travelers can only leave the villa or hotel grounds to eat in COVID-certified restaurants and to take part in COVID-certified excursions and tours.

Americans can prove their vaccination status with their original vaccination cards issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. UK visitors can view their vaccination status through the National Health Service app.

Unvaccinated minors traveling with vaccinated adults must have a PCR (nasal swab) test within one day of their arrival on the island. This is at the expense of the visitor. As soon as the test is negative, unvaccinated minors can travel freely with their vaccinated adult guardians.

Many COVID-19 logs are still in place

All visitors to St. Lucia over five years old – vaccinated or not – must present a negative PCR test at least five days prior to arrival on the island.

All visitors – vaccinated or not – must continue to be transported from the airport to their accommodations in a COVID-certified taxi COVID certified hotel or villa.

At the airport, there are health checks such as temperature checks for all arriving travelers. Local safety protocols must be followed, including wearing face covers in public places.

And all visitors 18 and over are required to complete a health registration form prior to arrival. These forms differ depending on the country of origin.

Rules are tightened elsewhere in the Caribbean

While St. Lucia still allows unvaccinated visitors to enter the country, St. Kitts and Nevis now only allows vaccinated people to enter its borders, as there is an increase in positive cases.

St. Lucia has seen 5,072 positive COVID-19 cases with 80 confirmed deaths since the start of the pandemic.

For full details on the current policies and procedures in St. Lucia, as well as a number of helpful FAQs on eased restrictions for vaccinated travelers, visit the St. Lucia Tourism Authority website.