The Celeste Hotel envisions the kind of weddings they can offer to help people tie the knot.

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – She’s in downtown St. Paul Celeste Hotel.

“It’s really a gem, it’s really one of a kind,” says Jodi Young, partner in the hotel.

The boutique hotel opened in 2019 but closed for almost a year after the COVID hit.

You are now open again and want to imagine how people tie the knot.

“We’re working very hard to help with wedding congestion and we have some unique options right now,” says Young.

We visited the hotel last Friday when they were doing photo shoots to show what the space can offer.

Young says couples can rent an entire floor of the hotel, where they can get married, hold the reception in the hallways, and have their guests stay right in a room.

“You can really keep your family and friends in a bubble,” says Young.

For couples who really want to simplify, they also offer an elopement package.

Young says you can even rent out all of the hotel’s 71 rooms and have the space to yourself.

“Couples used to plan destination weddings – this is kind of a staycation version,” says Young. “Maybe you won’t go too far, but you want to feel like you are in a completely different place.”

At a time when smaller, intimate settings are becoming the norm, smaller weddings could be a trend that will appeal to certain couples.

“Big weddings are wonderful for many good reasons, but sometimes these really sentimental experiences are good even with a small group of people,” says Young.

The building that houses the Celeste Hotel on East Exchange Street in downtown has been in existence since 1910 and was home to the St. Agatha Conservatory, which was once home to nuns and taught art and music.