Jamaica tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett has announced that steps are currently being taken to reset the tourism sector to ensure it benefits even more Jamaicans and encourage greater economic growth as the sector recovers from the effects of COVID-19. Mr Bartlett adds that the Department of Tourism has started a series of consultations with key stakeholders to maximize opportunities to reorganize the local tourism industry.

“I think this is a good moment for Jamaica to really roll back tourism so we can become a more inclusive industry and the flow-through effect on the economy that tourism can offer will then be realized,” said Minister Bartlett.

Mr Bartlett explained that the Department of Tourism is currently in dialogue with JAMPRO about the initiative, adding that he has also had discussions with his colleague, Minister without Portfolio in the Department of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Senator Aubyn Hill. Minister Bartlett noted that the discussions “are intended to examine how we begin with this entire agreement, first analyzing the supply side and then the demand side”.

On resetting the tourism industry, after deciding what it takes to meet supply and demand, Minister Bartlett said, “The next step will be in financial and technical markets and we are acquiring this technology and we are bringing it to fruition. to enable us to create that ability. “

He said the downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has provided an opportunity to give the global tourism industry a fresh start and bring it to a higher level than before, after reaching 60 percent occupancy in some countries, however not Jamaica.

“This is the opportunity for us to do this. I want to continue this debate and, in fact, I am going to be writing a paper on this tourism industry reset and we are starting to speak with our partners so that we can understand what needs to be done over the next six months or so as we try tourism repositioning it as a true engine of the economy and as a means by which far greater numbers of our Jamaican people can reach their true potential, ”said Minister Bartlett.

Mr. Bartlett’s announcement of the latest tourism initiative came after an extensive tour of the 350-year-old Worthy Park Estate, which has developed a tour that expands Destination Jamaica’s product offering and appeals to both locals and visitors.

Mr. Bartlett commented on the Worthy Park Rum Tour as a “first class tour”. It covers all aspects of the process that leads to making some of Jamaica’s best rums for the local market and export market, from the sprawling sugar cane fields over 10,000 acres to distillery and aging.

Minister Bartlett said tours like this are a big part of the tourism product “because people come to fulfill their passions and they have passion points for all kinds of activities in life, and certainly rum and spirits have been a big part of the pattern of consumption Visitors for many centuries. “He stated that the three most consumed liquids in the world were water, coffee and rum, in that order.

65 percent of the alcohol-based liquids consumed are rum: “A rum tour with a Jamaican rum experience gives us the opportunity to open up that part of the market that is enthusiastic about rum consumption,” said Minister Bartlett.

It was stated that the rum tour had a gentle opening before the pandemic broke out, welcoming around 1,000 tourists. Since the reopening in May, mostly locals have attended. Mr. Bartlett, accompanied by Ms. Carolyn McDonald-Riley, Director of the Tourism Linkages Network, was accompanied on the tour by Worthy Park Managing Director and CEO Gordon Clarke and members of his team.

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