Sixth graders have the opportunity to travel to the other side of the world for £ 200,000 upon successful application.

Joe Marshall, 17, a student at Abbeygate Sixth Form College in Bury St. Edmunds, said that “something like this would stay with me forever” as it would be his first time traveling outside of Europe.

Outbound travel funding of £ 210,000 has been secured through Abbeygate Sixth Form College and will enable more than 100 students to visit Thailand and China.

The money comes from the Turing Program, a government-funded project named after famous mathematician Alan Turing, to promote global educational partnerships, experiences and opportunities.

As part of a separate partnership with Challenges Abroad, another 10 students have the opportunity to visit Nepal.

Left to right: Aaron McIntyre, Madi Payne and Joe Marshall.

Left to right: Abbeygate Sixth Form College students Aaron McIntyre, Madi Payne and Joe Marshall.
– Credit: Abbeygate Sixth Form College

Nadine Payne, group leader for expanded opportunities at Abbeygate and the Eastern Colleges Group, said these were “life changing experiences” for everyone involved.

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She said, “We are very excited to be able to offer our students these great opportunities. All projects must retain some kind of sustainable element. “

In Thailand, for example, they will discuss practices related to mental health and wellbeing, and upon their return, students will create new resources based on their experiences that will be passed on to local elementary schools.

Aaron McIntyre, 17, Student Union president said, “I think this is an exciting opportunity from the Student Union perspective, and we want to make sure that it is used by those who can least afford it and those who can Afford to have worked the hardest. ”

The trips are planned for next year.