Surviving Mars is evolving with its new tourism update led by Abstraction. Everything is included in the update.

On March 15th, an update was suddenly released for Paradox Interactive Micromanagement City buildings Game Surviving Mars. This free upgrade, titled Tourism Update, was announced along with the knowledge that the Indie game has surpassed five million players. The update helps improve the way tourists work in Surviving Mars, and has some fun new features to accompany them.

Lots of updates are coming out too late, but this unexpected and welcome free DLC content wasn’t just added to announce that five million players were hit. It was also a return to development of the game under new leadership at Abstraction. Magnus Lysell, Surviving Mars Product Manager, had a lot of good things to say about the move. Lysell commented, “Since the launch of Surviving Mars: Green Planet, our players have been asking what’s next for Surviving Mars. The Tourism Update is just the beginning. The game is in good hands with Abstraction, they are a team of seasoned developers with years of experience in producing AAA titles and with a passion for Surviving Mars. “The Tourism Update is a testament to that experience and passion.

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The new update helps improve an already existing concept that is already in the game and shows that it is the new developers Communicate with their fan base and work on familiar ideas. Tourists used to be colonists who came to Mars for a vacation (an extraordinary experience!) And then left after a while. They would generate a little bit of revenue when they arrive, but after that they would just take up space. If they left, they would generate two more tourist applicants. With the new update, tourists have a greater influence on the game. Tourists still travel to and from Mars leaving a paycheck, but now the amount remaining can be influenced by how much fun they had on their trip.

Tourists can now rate their stay between one and five stars like an interstellar Yelp. Their enjoyment depends on how many amenities the dome provides them with. Just like regular colonists, tourists have a satisfaction gauge that can be seen when looking at a dome. The meter shows how satisfied (or dissatisfied) tourists are in this place.

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In addition to the amenities and buildings already established, there are some new exciting structures that this update introduces. The Olympus Hotel is a luxury residential building that can be used by either colonists or tourists. Hotels have a switch that can toggle whether it can be used by colonists or just tourists. On the one hand, this would mean sending a lot more tourists to the red planet to justify the space that an entire hotel takes up. On the other hand, it would make these tourists and their paperbacks happy.

Another addition to the game is a Zero-G amusement park. Titled Z-Gravity, this building provides satisfaction to tourists and colonists alike. Play, conviviality, relaxation, and movement are all fulfilled by this immense structure, but players need to be careful when placing an amusement park as it takes up ten spaces in the dome. Space in the domes can be tight, so it may be worth considering a large dome that specializes in tourist facilities.

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In-dome activations aren’t the only things added in this update as a new rover is available. The RC Safari allows tourists to take a trip and stop at designated locations to show the wonders of Mars. The player sets a course for the rover to pass and determines the best route that will take tourists past important buildings like the Moxie or other domes in the area. You’ll also be intrigued by gorgeous vistas and rock structures that add a new purpose to the Terrain Manipulation tab.

The tourism update gives new meaning to some boring and outdated concepts unlike most DLCthis update is absolutely free. Allowing players to control how much fun tourists have is just another layer of the multi-management systems that many Surviving Mars fans love. This update just seems to be the beginning of good things that come out of Abstraction.

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