Around 1:30 a.m. early Thursday morning – a huge rumble. An unimaginable tragedy.

This is how the partial collapse of a condominium in Surfside near Miami Beach is described. Part of the 12 story Champlain Towers South has just fallen. The floors fall on top of each other and into the underground car park.

As of Friday morning, four people are dead, 35 people have been rescued from the rubble and 159 people are missing during the search and rescue effort.

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It is uncertain how long the search and rescue will last. With rain, lightning strikes and small fires, rescue workers had to cope with carefully combing through the rubble, looking for signs of life and listening.

“They’re going feverishly but meticulously through the rubble, trying to make sure there’s a chance to save someone and get survivors out that they can do that. And then they also try to recover the remains of those who did not survive, ”said US Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The town of Surfside is in its convention district.

“The last thing they want to do is walk too fast or make any movement that would cause the rest of the building [to collapse],” She said.

President Joe Biden signed a declaration of emergency early Friday morning. Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency in Miami-Dade County on Thursday. Early Thursday, Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava asked for the state statement.

The orders allow easier access to state and federal resources, including financial assistance for those directly affected and reimbursement of certain costs to local governments.

Wasserman Schultz called the federal declaration “unprecedented” because it was used because of the demolition of a private building.

The Miami Herald Reports half a dozen people from the National Institute of Standards and Technology come to Surfside to see if the federal agency has a role to play in the investigation.

“It’s not sure if they’ll interfere, but it is certainly possible. And they have already communicated with Miami-Dade County,” said Wasserman Schultz.


Lynne Sladky

The Celebrity Edge cruise ship is moored in Fort Lauderdale, Port Everglades on Tuesday, June 22, 2021. The Celebrity Edge will sail from Fort Lauderdale on Saturday. It will be the first cruise ship to leave a US port with passengers on tickets since the pandemic that ceased sailing.

Summer travel

On Saturday, the Celebrity Edge cruise ship is expected to drop anchor in Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale and sail into the Caribbean Sea. It will be the first paying passenger cruise from a port in Florida in more than 15 months.

Cruise returns and air traffic are increasing for the summer travel season. It’s an important part of Florida’s economy, bringing back millions of visitors to the state, and helping to create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The question of whether or not passengers on this first crossing from Florida need to be vaccinated is “tricky”, according to Washington Post tourism reporter Hannah Sampson.

“You ask people, ‘Are you vaccinated?’ And if people refuse to tell them or provide evidence, they are subject to all sorts of additional restrictions, ”Sampson said.

This first commercial cruise from Florida since the pandemic began, takes place a week after Governor DeSantis and the State of Florida beat the Centers for Disease Control. The state is suing the CDC in federal court for its conditional sailing order – which sets the rules for what cruise line operators must do to return to the water with passengers. A Tampa federal judge ruled the last week Federal agency cannot enforce their return to the sailing rules from July 18th. Then the conditional sailing regulations of the CDC are recommended, but not compulsory.

“Cruise lines can still have the same rules they worked out with the CDC,” Sampson said. “Just because the judge made that decision doesn’t mean they have to drop their minutes.”

The agency may also choose to return to the judge with more restrictive guidelines, arguing that those are their jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, visitors to the Florida theme park no longer have to wear masks. Universal dropped its mask requirement for interiors in May. Disney World did the same earlier this month.

“I think it’s going pretty well,” said Orlando Sentinel tourism reporter Gabrielle Russon. “There have been a lot of changes. A lot of the rules we had when the theme parks reopened a year ago during the pandemic – these are going away. “

Universal Orlando parks are back to full capacity. The theme park also dropped temperature controls and reduced social distancing rules.

“It’s really more like the old theme park days with these lines and no mask requirement,” said Russon.

The capacity limits remain in place at Disney World. Although the mask requirement for fully vaccinated people has been lifted, the theme park expects that “not fully vaccinated guests continue to wear face coverings” indoors.

View of UFO from video

Ministry of Defense

The image from a 2015 Department of Defense video called Gimbal shows an inexplicable object in the center as it is tracked as it soars high above the clouds and moves against the wind. “There’s a whole fleet there,” one naval aviator tells another, although only an indistinct object can be seen. “It’s spinning.” The US government has looked at unidentified objects in flight on behalf of Congress, and a report summarizing the officials’ knowledge is expected to appear in June 2021.

The truth is out there

The 1990s TV show “The X Files” made a fictional promise that evidence of extraterrestrial life – somewhere – existed deep in a government conspiracy to hide it.

Sometime before the end of June, the US government promised to release a report on the government’s UFO research. Really.

“We hear reports that the government won’t come out and say, ‘These are aliens,'” said WFME space reporter Brendan Byrne.

Nevertheless, the report commissioned by Congress hopes to legitimize research into UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon).

“There is a phenomenon out there that we don’t know what it is. Science demands that we examine it and examine it and find out what it is. And I think that’s the crux of this science, and these scientists are motivated to want to know what that is, “Byrne said.

The Senate Intelligence Committee requested this expected report as part of the intelligence budget for that year. Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio was the committee chairman when the plan was drawn up. He said CBS’s “60-minute” UAPs were a critical national security issue.

While the pending report does not affect NASA, Byrne, NASA administrator – and former Florida Senator – Bill Nelson, “came out and said his top scientists were looking at the phenomenon as well.

“There’s a secret there. And people really want to get to the bottom of it,” Byrne said.

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