One couple experienced the surprise of their lives when Tom Cruise landed on her farm in August. The Hollywood superstar has been around for nearly four decades and has reshaped the industry as well stack accredited rolls. Meeting him in person is a dream of a lifetime for many fans, so many are jealous of Alison Webb’s story.

In the middle of an important meeting he needed to attend Couple revealed which resulted in Cruise landing his helicopter in her yard. As a thank you, he even offered them and their children a helicopter ride. This happened while filming the latest part of Mission Impossible.

Tom Cruise is best known for his own stunts

Tom Cruise in a helicopter | Mehdi Taamallah / NurPhoto via Getty Images

Tom Cruise is best known for his action-packed film career that began in the 80s – including hits like Top Gun and Mission Impossible – but none made him as famous as the fact that he does his own stunts. Sure, it’s cool to see actors fight in a movie, but it’s definitely cooler when they do it without a stunt double. And we’re not talking about any little stunt here.

Crazy movie Stunts that Cruise did himself These include hanging on the side of an airplane and performing the 6-minute dive scene in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, flying jets in Top Gun, and climbing the Burj Khalifa in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. He also did the chases in Jack Reacher and the sword fight in The Last Samurai!

This has even led to what many call the “Tom Cruise Effect,” where actors like Daniel Craig and Jason Statham also do their own stunts.

Tom Cruise’s surprise landing in a family’s garden

It is safe to say Tom Cruise was highly admired by many for his talent and daring achievements. When Alison Webb and her family received a call asking permission for an “unknown VIP” to land on their property amid the temporary closure of a nearby airport, the family was given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Webb told BBC that she left it because she “thought it would be cool for the kids to see the helicopter land in the garden.”

“He [Tom Cruise] basically got in and out and it was like ‘wow’ ”she continued. “He went straight to the kids for a chat, then came up to us and bumped us with his elbow and said thank you very much.”

Not only did they meet Cruise and snap some memorable pictures, but she told the news channel that “he said if the kids wanted they could take the helicopter up.” The family described the whole experience as “surreal” and they “still can’t believe it happened”.

Mission Impossible gave this family the impossible

It seems that Mission Impossible franchise has everything to do with Webb and her family’s encounter with Tom Cruise. Due to various delays and production stops, Cruise has been working on the latest tranches for some time.

When Coventry Airport was briefly closed, the Hollywood superstar needed Webb’s property to land and get to his shoot. Fans from all over the area have also reported sightings of the actor and his co-star Hayley Atwell.

Mission Impossible 7 was now premiered in 2022, Mission Impossible 8 is slated to premier in 2023, and Cruise has about three other projects in the works. His role as Cage in a sequel to Edge of Tomorrow / Live Die Repeat is rumored and he is confirmed to appear in Luna Park and Top Gun: Maverick.

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