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Tourism business takes heart stage


FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) – After a long 2020 and an even longer winter that some consider an even longer winter, the tourism industry is making a comeback. Cities like Detroit Lakes, MN are seeing a big difference from last year as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

“Last year was tough, really tough,” said Mike Aamot, a Wendell resident who camps in Buffalo River State Park. “And now things are opening up again and it’s really nice.”

“I think it was busy last year but everyone was so much to themselves and kind of in nature and now it’s just watching everyone get together, hugging and saying hello and all those good things, it is beautiful. “said Mary Beth Gilsdorf, a resident of Detroit Lakes.

Whether through restaurants or hotels, the revenue that flows into these cities helps the local economy. According to the Tourism Bureau for Detroit Lakes, one of the metrics they use to measure their economy is the lodging tax. In April of this year, thanks to the accommodation, they earned three times as much as in April last year.

“We’re ready, people are really ready to go to Detroit Lakes for the summer, there are so many events and they’re back and people can come back and have fun outdoors with their family and friends.” said tourism director Cleon Stewart.

“We really missed something like that, but I think we just appreciate it now more than ever and because it’s always a part of it, it’s a blessing.” said Joyce Aamot, a Wendell resident who camps in Buffalo River State Park.

It’s not just the numbers that make the area buzz, but the people that are returning. Instead of empty bars, these late night centers are full of patrons.

“I think that’s the best part about seeing the smiles, seeing the faces and seeing faces that we didn’t see, that didn’t come back last year because of COVID, or that they come back this year to say hello and see you again . ”Said Hans Gilsdorf, a Detroit Lakes resident.

The city of Detroit Lakes is now preparing for its 150th birthday celebration on July 29th.

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