Travel hut announced that four new hotels will open in time for Christmas as the bosses hope to benefit families who want to travel during the Christmas season.

Two new locations have already been opened in London in elephant and castle and Mansion with another in Walton-on-Thames in Surrey.

The final location is in the Cobalt Business Park in Newcastle with the hope that the hotel chain can help win back business customers with more face-to-face meetings and less remote work.

That means Travelodge will have opened 17 new hotels across the UK in 2021 and will have created 360 jobs with an investment of £ 175 million bringing it to a total of 595 locations across the UK, Ireland and Spain.

The new Travelodge at Elephant & Castle is one of four locations to open before Christmas. (Travel hut / PA)

Bosses said the London hotels are the latest launch of their more upscale sites known as “budget chic” which have some rooms larger as they try to tap into the growing market for travelers looking for a little more luxury .

The Rival Premier Inn has also launched its own premium economy rooms, with both brands benefiting from the staycation boom during the pandemic.

Craig Bonnar, Travelodge CEO, said, “This year we opened new Travelodges across the country and many of these new hotel openings have played a key role in regeneration programs across the UK.

“Adding a low-cost hotel like Travelodge is an attractive choice because it attracts visitors, creates jobs and helps boost the local economy.”

Travelodge is rebuilding the brand after enforcing a voluntary agreement with the company last year to cut costs after it was hit during the pandemic.

The landlords agreed to the deal, which took around £ 144 million off his rental bill.