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Viking Cruises has announced that its newest cruise ship, Viking Saturn, will be added to the company’s fleet in early 2023. In addition, three new Nordic and Scandinavian routes have been announced.

Viking cruises announced that there will be three new trips in 2023, as well as the return of a popular trip to Iceland.

Iconic Iceland, Greenland and Canada will be one of Viking Saturn’s first trips.

This cruise spans 15 days through Iceland, Greenland and the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Guests travel between Reykjavik and New York City, where crusaders can enjoy the laid-back life in Djúpivogur, explore the streets of aesthetic cities like Seydisfjördur and Akureyri, and admire the volcanic landscape of the Westman Islands.

Arctic Explore Iceland and Norway is another 15-day trip that Viking is adding to its itinerary.

On this trip, guests experience life in the far north as they travel across the Arctic Circle and along the distant coasts of Norway and Iceland.

Cruisers enjoy an overnight stay at Viking Saturn’s home port, Bergen, before following in the footsteps of the Vikings when visiting the North Cape and Longyearbyen.

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The latest addition to the itinerary is Greenland, Iceland, Norway & Outside of.

During this trip, guests will have the option to combine the two previous new itineraries into a 29-day cruise.

The cruise begins in the former Hanseatic city of Bergen, where guests follow the journey of the Vikings through the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Iceland and Greenland before ending in Canada and New York.

Greenland is also on the itinerary for Viking Saturn’s 2023 cruises. Cr

The popular itinerary, Iceland’s Natural Beauty, will return in 2023, where Viking Star will travel around Iceland for 8 days.

The chairman of Viking, Torstein Hagen, described his enthusiasm for the old and new routes.

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“The thousands of guests who sailed our Welcome Back trip in Iceland Last summer we enjoyed the experience so much that it delivered record ratings, ”he said.

“Ideal for the curious traveler, these new routes trace the routes of the early Viking explorers to Iceland and other North Atlantic destinations known for their natural beauty.

“We are pleased to welcome Viking Saturn to our fleet and to offer our guests even more opportunities to comfortably explore this unique part of the world.”


Viking Saturn: The latest addition to the itinerary is Greenland, Iceland, Norway and beyond. Image Credit: Shutterstock

What to expect on board Viking Saturn

Viking Cruises’ newest ship, Viking Saturn, has 465 cabins with space for 930 guests.

Viking’s award-winning fleet currently includes eight ships: Viking Star, Viking Sea, Viking Sky, Viking Orion, Viking Jupiter, Viking Venus, Viking Mars and Viking Neptune (joining in 2022).

The ocean fleet has a modern Scandinavian design with elegant accents, attention to detail and intimate spaces.

Viking Saturn is filled with Nordic inspiration through its light wood grain, a touch of slate and teak and Swedish limestone.

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The new ship has a wealth of amazing amenities.

When staying on Viking Saturn, guests have a variety of suites and cabins to choose from.

There are five different cabins available on the Viking Saturn, starting at 270 square meters.

The veranda cabins have their own verandas, expansive views, king-size beds with plush linens, and award-winning bathrooms with large showers.


Viking Saturn will sail to Norway on its 2023 itineraries. Image Credit: Shutterstock

The ship contains fourteen Explorer Suites, which are two-room suites ranging in size from 757 to 1,163 square feet with their own verandas.

Entertainment and dining are something cruisers don’t have to worry about on the Viking Saturn.

The onboard spa, LivNordic Spa, was designed with Scandinavia in mind with its practices rooted in a centuries-old tradition of sauna to a snow grotto where snowflakes gently fall from the ceiling through chilled air.

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There are eight restaurants on board, from fine dining to intimate restaurants to the pool grill – there is something for everyone.

Destination performances are common on Viking Saturn, where the most famous cultural artists come on board and perform live.

The winter garden is a feature on Viking Saturn where guests can find rest under a canopy with Scandinavian trellis and afternoon tea.