EnjoyTravel.com, a West Yorkshire-based car rental comparison company, has acquired Big 7 Travel, a US-majority travel website, for an undisclosed amount.

The deal means EnjoyTravel.com has strengthened its position to connect with new users and bring its booking technology to the North American market.

As a provider of online and mobile travel resources, Big 7 Travel reaches millions of users and covers more than 150 countries around the world.

Big 7 Travel was launched in early 2019 by Niall Harbison and Sarah Clayton-Lea.

Sarah Clayton-Lea and Niall Harbison

Harbison will leave the company; Clayton-Lea will remain with a minority stake and will continue to manage existing content and marketing teams.

Martin Mansell, CEO of EnjoyTravel.com, will move to Group CEO and oversee the growth and strategy of both companies.

EnjoyTravel.com and Big 7 Travel share the mission of empowering people to plan and book their trip on a single platform, from initial inspiration for the destination to bookable products and experiences.

You want to take advantage of the travel industry, which is emerging again in 2021.

Mansell said, “We are excited to acquire Big 7 Travel. The two companies will come together and create something really unique.

“While we’re launching new bookable travel products on Big 7 Travel, we now have an absolutely amazing content team and an excellent traffic resource to help EnjoyTravel.com develop and launch new travel-related products and enter new markets Focus on North America to support.

“As we anticipate the travel industry will come back to life at the beginning of the new year, we believe Big 7 Travel will prove to be a great addition to our business and is now poised for strong growth in 2021 and beyond . “

Clayton-Lea, Founder and Content Director of Big 7 Travel, said, “It’s an exciting move for Big 7 Travel and doubles our belief as a team that we are creating content that hits the bull’s eye.

“Although the travel industry has had a difficult year, we are confident that the returns will be massive.

“EnjoyTravel.com and Big 7 Travel go together perfectly to change travel planning from start to finish.”