Blake Griffins is a former NBA All-Star who is in a bad basketball situation. Blake Griffin is on the Detroit Pistons, a team that has taken steps to begin rebuilding. Meanwhile, Blake Griffin is a veteran with many miles in the NBA who is likely to want to compete in the later stages of his career. The best basketball move for Blake Griffin would be to leave the Detroit Pistons.

Adrian Wojnarowski recently reported that the Detroit Pistons and Blake Griffin have agreed to let Griffin suspend games until there is some movement in his future: be it a buyout or a trade.

ESPN story of Blake Griffin and Pistons agreeing he will be dropped from the lineup until the franchise and its staff can find a solution for his gaming future:

– Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) February 15, 2021

Blake Griffin could help a wide variety of teams in the league. To join most of the competitive rosters, Griffin needs to be bought out as few competing teams can reach the salary to win Griffin, although there are some who could send realistic packages out for the former All-Star. Here are 5 realistic goals for Blake Griffin, whether by trade or buyout.

5. Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks are a team in need of help given they are 13-15 and 10 in the Western Conference. You’re also one of the teams that can put together a salary match for Griffin, and likely send James Johnson and Dwight Powell to the Pistons to take back Griffin’s massive contract. Blake Griffin would end up on a team with two young stars who can carry the offensive load while becoming a tertiary goal option.

Blake Griffin is a solid 3PT shooter so he could benefit from Luka Doncic’s gimmick. Ground clearance is extremely important in the modern NBA, especially next to superstars. Blake Griffin wouldn’t have to wear the offense in Dallas night after night to lessen the wear and tear on his body. He could fit in as a complementary player taking over the leadership of his squad.

4. Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz are the top team at the Western Conference with a 22-5 record. If Blake Griffin is bought out this will be one of the best teams he could possibly go to. The Utah Jazz would give Blake Griffin the opportunity to join a solid junior team led by a young goalscorer in Donovan Mitchell. Blake Griffin would fit in well with their offense as it could place the ground around Rudy Gobert while providing internal defense.

The Utah Jazz has been a good regular season team for the past few years and is more focused on the playoffs. The acquisition of Blake Griffin could allow them to have another veteran who was tested in the playoffs and who could make the difference between winning and losing. Blake Griffin could add solid two-way value to jazz and give them another big body to throw at talented big men like Nikola Jokic and Deandre Ayton.

3. Miami Heat

The Miami Heat need a player to come in and give their squad a spark that seems to have lost its magic through its magical bubble run. Blake Griffin could be an elite to match Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler, and with a buyout, the Miami Heat would certainly be trying to attract a player of its caliber. Blake Griffin clears the floor well alongside two non-shooters in Butler and Adebayo. The Miami Heat would help him compete at the highest level and make an impact on a winning team.

The Miami Heat would be a solid target for Griffin simply because he had the opportunity to play with a superstar in Jimmy Butler. He could help Jimmy Butler get to the final all over again and hopefully win all the time.

2. Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers are one of the teams really fighting for a title this season. It’s likely Blake Griffin will come off the bench as an impact reserve. He would be passable for minutes with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid for his ability to shoot. Blake Griffin could move to the 76ers and increase her talent on the bench, which would result in a smoother team.

Blake Griffin is a solid two-way player and a stabilizing presence on the court. He plays good defense and is an underrated playmaker. If the Philadelphia 76ers signed Griffin, his main role would be playing defensive minutes against tall men, moving the ball and shooting open threesomes.

1. Brooklyn Networks

Blake Griffin to the Brooklyn Nets seems to be explaining. Blake Griffin is a senior player looking to win a championship: the Brooklyn Nets give him the opportunity. The Brooklyn Nets need to replenish their depths after trading with James Harden: Griffin is helping out there. It seems like a mutually beneficial arrangement, and if Blake Griffin is bought out, it’s easy to see him join the Brooklyn Nets.

On the Brooklyn Nets, Blake Griffin would likely get off the bench and play a limited offensive role. But it’s Star Power that wins championships, and Blake Griffin is a former star. The Brooklyn Nets could take away a flyer about the former Clipper, and if they did, Blake Griffin may be able to taste a championship success.


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