A white comedian is in hot water after being accused of using the n-word multiple times during his performance on a Carnival Cruise.

A woman, who was a passenger on the ship, posted a short clip on TikTok last week that’s since gone viral … showing comedian Rob O’Reilly onstage — but the video by itself isn’t what’s upsetting.

The on-screen caption reads, “So on Carnival Cruise right now and they are perfectly fine hiring someone who uses the N-word multiple times in his show and when the issue was raised he said and I quote ‘if you’re offended get tf out.’”

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He was met with mostly cheers when telling those offended to leave — but you can still hear some people in the crowd clearly still upset.

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She didn’t capture his alleged use of the slurs on camera, but she eventually posted an update, clarifying they weren’t allowed to record during O’Reilly’s set — a common regulation at comedy clubs.

She was so offended, though, when he used the n-word “casually” during the performance … so, she snagged the quick clip and called him out online.

Carnival has responded to the incident … saying the company doesn’t tolerate what went down — adding O’Reilly’s been booted from all upcoming performances and is no longer welcome on Carnival cruise ships.

Rob has quite the resume, up to this point — he’s appeared on “Last Comic Standing,” “America’s Got Talent,” and was even a correspondent for “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

People online were applauding the TikToker for calling out O’Reilly — some have even found old tweets of his … mostly ones that joke around about race.