Over the span of 30 years, Andrew Lazarus and his partner and son Luke Lazarus have made valuable contributions to Australia’s luxury real estate industry. Their dedicated work in Sydney and Newcastle includes extensive renovations of prominent homes that are popular with both residents and visitors. His commitment to the community also includes philanthropic efforts, such as charity events held at his hotels.

His purchases aren’t new to him. Andrew Lazarus has worked in the Sydney real estate sector for over three decades. Restoration of hotels and taverns along the shore has been a part of their work. Together, they personally handle the homes and pubs that are purchased and the hotels that they renovate as a hotelier.

Andrew Lazarus says he’s always wanted to be able to assist individuals in finding areas where they might unwind and enjoy themselves. His son Luke shares that vision, which is one of the many reasons why they make such natural partners. Some of the most famous structures in the Sydney and Newcastle districts are the result of their work in the hotel business. The Lazarus duo ideally looks for features like sweeping ocean vistas, great locations, and great communities. In addition, they often seek out properties that require remodeling in order to reach their full potential. In this way, they can improve neighborhoods and regions while pursuing their life’s work.

Pubs are the cornerstone of the community

Andrew Lazarus comments, “The key to a successful pub operation is delivering the best possible offering whilst engaging with the community. Your relationship with the community is so important and that’s why we do everything we can to support the communities that we exist in” Luke Lazarus concurs saying “we contribute to a multitude of charities that focus on contributing to our local communities. Beyond this we sponsor many local sporting teams helping to cover their financial burdens and get onto the field.”

It might be difficult to decide what adjustments are optimal at times. What appears to be an apparent business improvement, according to Andrew Lazarus, can occasionally go against the interests of clients or employees. “There have been moments when we didn’t make the best decision,” he admits, “and we’re attempting to do better with every project. We aim to enhance pubs in ways that people enjoy—a refurbishment is pointless if the end result isn’t well-liked by the community.” Our work on projects like Shoal Bay Country Club has made us extremely proud. We spent a lot of time there assessing what the company was already doing and what our target audience truly desired from the space.”

Many of their projects are neighborhood icons and popular hangout locations. The Macquarie Hotel in Liverpool, for example, was worth $25 million when the Lazarus team acquired it while it was being renovated. Another property they bought for an estimated $18 million and then refurbished for $6 million to turn it into a high-end, family-friendly environment was Shoal Bay Country Club.

Investing in Newcastle; looking north

According to Andrew Lazarus, the focus has shifted north to the Newcastle districts. “The Sydney market is extremely pricey and competitive,” he explains. “And now that we have three hotels in close proximity up here in Newcastle and Port Stephens, this is a place that my son and I are paying greater attention to.”

They are also putting the finishing touches on designs for Newcastle’s Beaches Hotel. They both feel that the property has tremendous communal value and wish to make only minor and respectful alterations to it to expedite the completion and retain its existing beauty.

Luke Lazarus and his father plan to continue their humanitarian endeavors in addition to making more significant real estate acquisitions and improvements in the future. The Lazarus team of Luke and Andrew want to establish a reputation by giving back to the community through their hotels. They have always been one to give back to the community through charitable donations, but now the goal is front and center.

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