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Good news everyone!

Over the years, Drew Macomber ran the Travel is Free blog, where he created unique content for travel rewards and gained a loyal following. We are excited to announce that Million Mile Secrets will have updated Travel is Free tools and content in our new point and mile resource hub in the future!

This is a huge win for our readers (you!), As the content on Travel is Free is some of the most detailed you can find in terms of travel hacks, loyalty programs, and reward tables. Drew has spent a lot of time creating tools (such as infographics and spreadsheets) that make the intricacies of the world of miles and points much easier to understand. And we’re excited to share these resources with all of you!

© Provided by Million Mile Secrets

Some of the content has been integrated into our existing MMS content. However, if you’re looking for a specific Travel is Free article, head straight to the Travel is Free hub hub. Here is all of Drew’s content, recently updated for relevance and accuracy!

Our goal is to provide our readers with the most valuable and actionable advice regarding travel, rewards, and credit cards. Again, we couldn’t be more excited when the MMS website is expanded to include Travel is Free!

Cheers to learn more and to many (almost) free journeys in your future.

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Points and miles resource hub

Check out some of our new interactive hotel cards, our points-for-cash calculator, and the updated Travel is Free content on our resource hub.

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