To reduce health risks when eating in public spaces in the midst of Covid-19, the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) is introducing in-car dining, which serves travelers food in their vehicles.

Tourism Minister PA Mohamed Riyas said “in-car dining” will help customers stay in their parked vehicles where orders are arriving at KTDC’s aahaar restaurants.

The program will be implemented with public safety threats in mind, even if a slide in the second wave of the pandemic is expected to help the tourism industry recover, the minister said.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served alongside snacks as part of “in-car dining” in accordance with the Covid-19 protocol.

Initially, select KTDC restaurants will run the program, he added.

“In-car dining tries to offer our customers a new experience,” said Riyas here on Friday evening after reviewing a number of ongoing tourism projects and the activities of KTDC.

“We plan to reach people with safe and tasty food. KTDC hotel chains are being renovated as part of the ‘Mission Facelift’ project after they have been classified according to priorities, ”he announced and announced major projects for the tourism group.

Floating restaurants will be set up along the lines of the Veli restaurant in Thiruvananthapuram in select destinations across the state, the first of which will be in Kadalundi, he added.

(PTI inputs)

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