Conceicao drives to a unanimous decision victory

Judges scored it 99-91, 100-90 and 98-92 all in Conceicao’s favour.

Conceicao versus Martinez; round 10

Conceicao also relies on this one to give a good measure. This should be a valuable lesson for Martinez. If you’ve injured a fighter, you must lunge at him. He didn’t do enough to win. (10-9 Conceicao, 97-93 Conceicao)

Conceicao versus Martinez; round 9

Conceicao looks like he wants it more. Martinez just hasn’t shown the same urgency since the third round. (10-9 Conceicao, 87-84 Conceicao)

Conceicao versus Martinez; round 8

Conceicao puts a lot of mustard behind each of his shots. Martinez is either lax or those body shots have taken their toll by this point. (10-9 Conceicao, 77-75 Conceicao)

Conceicao versus Martinez; round 7

Conceicao mixes up body shots and punches well and he seems to be getting stronger with each round. Martinez needs to be more aggressive. There are only three rounds left. (10-9 Conceicao, 67-66 Conceicao)

Conceicao versus Martinez; round 6

Martinez allows Conceicao to jump outside and fire off shots and it costs him another round. Martinez needs to get back in and make Conceicao uncomfortable again. (10-9 Conceicao, 57-57)

Conceicao versus Martinez; round 5

Martinez shows too much respect for Conceicao and the Brazilian rushes back into the fray with a solid round. Conceicao now lets go of his hands. (10-9 Conceicao, 48-47 Martinez)

Conceicao versus Martinez; round 4

Martinez complements this round with some more pointed, sharp work. (10-9 Martinez, 39-37 Martinez)

Conceicao versus Martinez; round 3

With 10 seconds left, Martinez unloads an overhand left to Temple and wobbles Conceicao. He lunges at him, but time is running out. Martinez definitely made him buzz with that shot. (10-9 Martinez, 29-28 Martinez)

Conceicao versus Martinez; round 2

Conceicao doesn’t seem comfortable fighting indoors. Martinez let him fight on the outside where the Brazilian put together piercing combinations. (10-9 Conceicao, 19-19)

Conceicao versus Martinez; round 1

Conceicao and Martinez each have their moments of sharp performance to open things up. Slight advantage for Martinez. (10-9 Martinez)

Main event on deck

Robson Conceicao vs. Xavier Martinez is coming up.

Cabrera rolls after unanimous decision

Cabrera peppered Giron with a lightning-fast combination before shoving him to the mat with utter disregard. He led Giron down far enough with the jab and power punches behind to control the tempo. And so did the judges, scoring 77-75, 78-74 and 78-74, all in Cabrera’s favour. He improves to 19-0.

Interesting trade at the end of the sixth

Just as Cabrera landed a penetrating left hand as his best shot of the fight, Giron came back and countered with a big, plunging left hand – his best shot of the contest. Cabrera wins this fight but has to watch out for left hands.

Cabrera sharp by three

Cabrera, who previously trained with Manny Pacquiao, did a good job with his jab in the third round.

Co-main event next

Giovanni Cabrera vs. Rene Tellez Giron at junior welterweight is on deck. This is set to eight laps.

Tiger Johnson impressive in victory

All judges unanimously score 40-36 for their winner, Tiger Johnson. This was Johnson’s second pro fight and he looked superb as he executed a stiff jab and made crisp, fast combinations out of it. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, he has a bright future ahead of him.

Welterweight action kicks off the main card

The main card opens with US Olympian Tiger Johnson taking on Xavier Madrid in a four round tilt.

Warm welcome

Hello and welcome to the live broadcast of Robson Conceiçao vs Xavier Martinez. Keep it here locked from the main map for all live updates, scores and highlights. Earlier in the evening, Muhammad Ali’s grandson Nico Ali Walsh remained undefeated by stopping Jeremiah Yeager. Promising Bruce Carrington also defeated Steven Brown.