Business strategy and company organization are crucial if a hotel is to create value and do justice to all aspects of hospitality: Not only do guests come back, but positive word of mouth is also spreading.

Today’s tourists convince with an offer that arouses emotions and leaves positive memories of the experience. That is why it is so crucial to select not just suppliers, but real partners who are competent, reliable, efficient and, above all, effective.

Dorelan offers a system that includes advice, delivery, customer service and support so that the customer can get the most out of their investment.

At the service of the hotel: an all-round partner

Tradition and research combine to create tailor-made solutions for all hotelier customers: Dorelan meets the needs of every hotel and creates a unique and distinctive added value in terms of excellent relaxation and well-being in the bedroom.

Dorelan is an ideal consultant who has dedicated himself to the task of supplying every hotel with a tailor-made bed system through several combinations that create special comfort, meet the different requirements of each guest and offer him the desired experience.


As an invaluable and indispensable accessory for well-being during rest periods, pillows are available in a wide range of materials and shapes to suit all tastes.


The prince of the Dorelan bed system, designed and built with exclusive technologies, for quality sleep and longevity over time.

My bed

Basic elements of Dorelan’s bespoke bed solutions, available in a wide range of fully customizable models.


Light, practical, easy to position and disinfect, toppers are characteristic elements of the bed system as they improve the comfort of the mattress.

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