LATEST: Gardaí on site in the city of Cork is satisfied with the resources that the Garda management is making available for today’s police operation in the city.

In anticipation of a planned anti-lockdown demonstration, which is due to begin at 2 p.m., additional personnel have been dispatched to the city center.

A source said The echo: “There are enough resources here that we are satisfied with.”

In addition to monitoring potential public order issues, Gardaí will also enforce public health rules as the event is not considered material. Gardaí will also enforce the rules for 5km travel limits.

Meanwhile, Kevin Herlihy, who owns three Centra stores in the city center, told him Irish examiner If there are any problems, he’ll close his stores.

“We’re ready, especially the shop here [St] Patrick’s street where the protest will take place next door at Brown Thomas, “he said.” We are ready to close the doors when they go and I suppose when they go we will close. “

“I hired security for the store here and the store on Grand Parade.”

EARLIER: The Cork Branch of People Before Profit (PBP) added their voices to calls for the public to stay away from today’s anti-lockdown demonstration in Cork City as businesses in the city prepare for potential problems.

“We understand that many people are angry about restrictions as well as the government’s deep mismanagement regarding the Covid-19 crisis,” the party said in a statement.
“The demonstrations against lockdowns, however, do not offer a constructive way forward.”

Instead, they encourage people to join the call for a zero covid strategy in Ireland, which they believe allows restrictions to be relaxed earlier than the current situation.

“People Before Profit is at the forefront and to support them we encourage everyone to heed public health advice,” Cork told PBP. “We urge people to demand a zero-covid strategy that can pave the way out of this crisis.”

A visible presence on Lake Garda is expected in the city today. The planned demonstration is to begin at 2 p.m.

It is believed that pubs in town selling take-away drinks have been asked to remain closed for the afternoon.

The chairman of the Vintners’ Federation of Ireland in Cork City and owner of the Castle Inn, Michael O’Donovan, said they had contacted gardaí and would address any inquiries regarding take-away alcohol or other measures.

“We have been in contact with the guards regarding the incident since earlier this week,” he told The Echo.

Previously: Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney added his vote on calls for people not to attend a scheduled rally in the city today.

The Cork TD said that although it knows people are stressed by Covid-19 restrictions, “mass public gatherings to protest are counterproductive”.

“Please listen to Gardaí, Lord Mayor and Public Health Advisor. I know people are stressed by restrictions, but mass public gatherings to protest are counterproductive and will spread Covid. Please don’t come to an anti-lockdown protest in Cork, ”he said in a tweet last night.

The Lord Mayor of Cork, Councilor Joe Kavanagh, yesterday asked the organizers of the planned rally to “please cancel”. Image: Brian Lougheed

The plea yesterday followed a call by the Lord Mayor of Cork, Councilor Joe Kavanagh, to the organizers of the planned rally to “please cancel”.

“I fully understand people’s frustration,” said Kavanagh. “For a year now people have felt imprisoned. her life was curtailed; restricted their way of life; their businesses have suffered; They have lost loved ones in many cases but unfortunately the type of event that is being proposed in our city could pose all sorts of problems for the people of Cork in the long run. “

Sinn Féin’s TDs, Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire and Thomas Gould asked the residents of Cork to stay home today. “We don’t want a repeat of what happened last weekend in Dublin here in Cork,” they said. “Gathering hundreds of people will not help the situation. We have seen before the impact such meetings can have on transmission. “

Rally for Truth organizers have stated that the purpose of holding the event is to seek answers to a number of questions, including how to end the lockdown, treatment of the elderly, and people’s right to work and travel .

Diarmaid Ó Cadhla, appointed spokesperson by the organizers, said, “The Saturday event will be a peaceful family event, including a series of speakers and musicians that everyone should attend.”

Continuation of Garda’s request to comply with the regulations

In response to inquiries from The Echo, a spokesman for An Garda Síochána replied that they had no comment to comment on possible events that may or may not occur.

However, they have outlined the relevant provisions currently in force for Covid-19: “The provisions of the 2020 Health Act of 1947 (Section 31A – Temporary Restrictions) (Covid-19) (No. 10) as amended are currently in force.

“Rule 8 restricts people organizing relevant outdoor events. This is a criminal ordinance.

“Rule 4 restricts travel outside the home with the exception of a reasonable apology. This is a criminal ordinance.

“Attending an event that violates these regulations is not a reasonable excuse to travel outside of your home.” They continued: “A Garda Síochána does not play a role in authorizing or authorizing protest marches or gatherings, as authorization / authorization is not required for such events. “If An Garda Síochána can identify potential organizers of such events, An Garda Síochána has and will involve and advise these organizers on current public health regulations, their responsibilities and possible consequences.

It is up to the organizers, who have a thorough understanding of the current public health regulations, to decide whether or not to protest. ”

They also emphasized their approach to monitoring the restrictions: “Garda members engage, explain, encourage, and assert themselves as a last resort. If Gardaí detects potential violations of public health regulations, a file is drawn up for the DPP or, if necessary, a fixed request for payment is issued.

“The Covid-19 pandemic remains a public health crisis and An Garda Síochána continues to appeal to all citizens to adhere to public health rules and guidelines, especially important travel, in order to continue to save lives.

Possible consequences of a “superspreader” event

Dr.  Mary Favier, Covid-19 advisor to the ICGP.  Picture Colin Keegan, Collins DublinDr. Mary Favier, Covid-19 advisor to the ICGP. Picture Colin Keegan, Collins Dublin

Dr. Mary Favier, GP of Cork and Covid-19 advisor to the Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP), meanwhile, warned that the consequences of a superspreader event such as a protest or a rally in Cork could dramatically increase the Covid incidence rate here. This is currently the lowest in the country.

Speaking to The Echo, Dr. Favier that the current public health guidelines are in place to protect not only the individual but also everyone with whom that person comes in contact.

The Cork GP said it was not against protesting or peaceful gatherings, but it was not safe to attend such events at this point.

“It is not intended to discourage or disagree with an opinion, but they must be careful not to violate public health guidelines. The guide is there for a reason and is for everyone’s protection, ”she said.

Dr. Favier added, “I would discourage people from attending unless they can guarantee that they are wearing a mask and are three feet apart.”