Saturday Night Live can be a mixed bag these days. In my opinion, some skits are funny and some are not. Well, SNL got it right to the point with their latest travel-related sketch.

The hotel ad from SNL

Last weekend’s SNL ran a roughly 4min30second sketch called “Hotel Ad” with Billy Eilish. You can check it out for yourself below.

I don’t want to give too much away so I recommend seeing it for yourself. I laughed out loud several times because there are so many points here that are correct.

Hell, I’m currently staying in a hotel, and right before I check this out, I walk into the lobby only to find the hotel clerk at the door watching a video on his iPhone without headphones. At least I’m not at the Business Garden Inn & Suites & Hotel Room Inn!

I also love SNL sketches with the actors who can’t keep their faces straight because I think it’s all the more fun.

Other hotel kits from SNL

SNL had several hotel kits over the years, most of which I liked. For example, I remember the “hotel check-in” sketch from about four years ago, about a man who had returned from North Korea who only wanted to be in his room, but the receptionist kept trying to take him to the hotel Bar instead, where he performed that night.

Then there was the SNL sketch “Hotel Fees” from around eight years ago. While the basis of the ad was great – some hotels charge an outrageous amount of fees – the sketch perhaps went a little too far.

Bottom line

Last weekend, SNL had a sketch about an ad for a mediocre business hotel. That is exactly right and made me laugh out loud several times. If you have a few minutes to spare, be sure to check out the video.

Do you love SNL hotel advertising as much as I do?