(CNS): The Ministry of Tourism has launched a mandatory survey that must be completed by all recipients of the tourism grant by Friday July 2nd. Tourism Secretary Kenneth Bryan said the goal is to gather accurate data that will allow the department to plan for the industry’s future needs in preparation for the reopening. The survey, in which questions are asked about the current situation of those who were directly affected by the tourism ban, is Available online and is expected to take 15-20 minutes.

Bryan said his ultimate goal as minister was to “ensure that laid-off tourism workers who wish to return to the industry are given priority first when filling vacancies in tourism. The data collected from the fellows enables greater accountability and helps me ensure that the skills of our Caymanians are appropriately matched to the jobs available. ”

Respondents must agree to a clause stating that “if false information or information is discovered, this can lead to an immediate suspension of my scholarship” and must also consent to the use of their personal data by the CIG. When completing the survey, respondents are also required to upload a copy of government-issued photo identification from their voter card, driver’s license, or passport in the Cayman Islands.

Take the survey here.

See message from the minister below: