Tourism Minister PA Mohamed Riyas said that the rural economy of Wayanad district would be strengthened by promoting tourism projects in rural areas.

In a video conference to the heads of the district’s local bodies, Mr. Riyas said the government plans to promote tourism based on the district’s historical, cultural and cultural importance.

The meeting was convened to discuss the tourist potential of the rural areas in the mountain area.

Sustainable tourism based on the overall development of all population groups, including the tribal and backward sections, would be more suitable for the district, Riyas said.

“Given that Wayanad has enormous untapped tourism potential in rural areas, priority should be given to developing rural destinations,” said Riyas, adding that developing such destinations would provide many employment opportunities for local residents.

Such a move would help local communities keep their destination clean and make the district tourism-friendly, Riyas said.

The heads of 29 citizens ‘committees presented details on various local places that are to be developed as tourism destinations within the framework of the citizens’ committees.

Mr Riyas directed district collector Adeela Abdulla to submit a draft of the new tourist destinations to be developed in the district after the Ombudsman’s presentations were put together.