The Greece-China Year of Culture and Tourism will start in May 2021.

The Greek Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni met on Wednesday Chinese ambassador to Greece Zhang Qiyue.

They discussed the program of events and initiatives This will last from May 2021 to May 2022 to strengthen ties between the two countries.

At the opening event, statues of Socrates and Confucius will be unveiled at the archaeological site of the ancient agora near the Acropolis.

The sculpture “Socrates and Confucius: A Meeting” was created by Wu Weishan, a renowned sculptor and president of the People’s Artists Association of China. He donates the artwork.

Technicians from China, who work with a team from the Ministry of Culture, travel to Greece to install the sculpture.

The events include the exchange of exhibitions, performances and online concerts with the joint participation of Greek and Chinese musicians.

However, cooperation between the two countries on issues of cultural heritage is particularly important.

Mendoni and Qiyue discussed ways to fight the illegal trade in antiques, promote archaeological research, organize archaeological and contemporary art exhibitions, and digitize cultural heritage.

2021, the Greco-Chinese Year of Culture and Tourism

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