Updated April 11, 2021

The Coronavirus University Restart Team (CURT) has updated the travel guidelines with effect from April 1, 2021. These guidelines change as the circumstances of the pandemic improve and additional New York state guidelines are distributed, but will be reviewed in the late spring semester.

By and large, all university travelers – students, faculty and staff – regardless of destination or country of origin, must be aware of the current New York State Travel Requirements. Currently, New York State strongly encourages domestic and international travelers to quarantine on their return, but the quarantine is after 1. Domestic and international travelers must continue to quarantine Health form for travelers and should also follow any requirements of the state or country they are traveling to.

Anyone traveling internationally – either during or after the spring semester – should check the entry requirements of the destination country and considerations for an intended return to the US. For example, some countries now require proof of a negative COVID-19 test prior to arrival. If your visa has expired, your return journey may be delayed as many U.S. consular offices remain closed or limited services are available (Search visa waiting times by location). Additionally, travelers from certain areas are subject to US entry restrictions, which are subject to change without notice (see State Department Summary of Coronavirus travel announcements and exceptions of national interest). The decision to travel internationally always involves some risk and is more complex during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students with a university sponsored visa should contact the International Services Office (ISO) before departure, in order to obtain any necessary travel permits for visa purposes.

You will find further instructions that are relevant to you below.

University-funded and scholarship-funded trips

University business travel, regardless of whether it is funded by the university or by scholarships, must follow normal university business travel procedures. See the Business and Travel Reimbursement (RE) website for more informations.

For international travel requests, whether university or scholarship-funded, risk advice from Global Engagement Office required. If you complete the Workday Spend Authorization prior to travel, important travel inquiries will be directed to the appropriate people. More information can be found on the Business and travel expense reimbursement website. In addition, university-funded international travel requires prior authorization from a cabinet-level official.

If the trip requires a COVID test and the trip has been approved as essential, the testing cost can be reimbursed as a valid university business expense.

Personal travel

Faculty, staff, postdocs, and PhD students traveling should follow closely Travel advice for New York State before making any travel plans, and should be aware of all current testing and quarantine requirements.

Undergraduate students attending courses and / or residing on campus must remain in Rochester (within 100 miles) for the duration of the personal spring semester. If an undergraduate student needs to leave campus outside of the 100 mile radius, they will need to contact their dean directly for permission to leave.

Travel advice specifically for the faculties and staff of the Medical Center involved in patient care can be found at this URMC website.

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