A former hotel in the Washington neighborhood near downtown will open its doors to the homeless on Monday as part of a new transitional residential building with 102 residential units, city officials said today.

The location is one of three former Long Beach hotels and motels that were acquired with funding from the state’s Project Homekey program.

“We know that temporary shelters provide important and necessary stability to help people transition out of homelessness,” said Mayor Robert Garcia in a written statement. “There is no question that the lack of affordable housing in Long Beach remains a barrier to people working toward their residential goals. This is an important step in our city’s further work to eradicate homelessness. “

The city will begin moving residents from a temporary residential area established during the pandemic, homeless shelters, and two motels in the city’s motel voucher program to the former Best Western at 1725 Long Beach Blvd. The move-in process will be staggered in the coming month so that both new residents and the Illumination Foundation service provider can acclimatise, according to a statement by homeless service officer Paul Duncan.

To qualify for on-site interim accommodation, potential residents must either be 65 years of age or older, have an underlying health condition, or be on their way to permanent accommodation.

“This program provides shelter and other vital resources for the most vulnerable and vulnerable,” councilor Mary Zendejas, who represents downtown, said in a written statement. “It is a privilege to bring this initiative to the First District as we continue to find more innovative and sustainable ways to tackle homelessness here in Long Beach.”

In July, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced $ 600 million in grants to the Homekey Program to expand housing for homeless people who are at particular risk of complications from COVID-19 due to age or underlying health conditions consists.

City council approved the $ 15 million purchase of the former Best Western in November, leaving an additional $ 2.3 million available to fund on-site services. LA County also acquired two properties in Long Beach, the Holiday Inn at 1133 Atlantic Ave. and the Motel 6 at 5665 E. Seventh Street.