A major snow storm hits the state of Colorado, which is expected to fall to a decline five feet of snow or more in parts of the state between Thursday and Monday. It favors the area east of the rift and is likely to cause travel problems, including in major cities like Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Estes Park, and Colorado Springs.

While the Colorado Department of Transportation advised against travel to affected areas on Saturday and Sunday, they also advised those traveling to the state’s ski resorts this weekend to schedule arrival on Friday and possible departure on Monday due to possible travel complications . Road closures are expected, and the constant snowfall will likely force road crews to deploy plow resources in certain high-traffic areas, leaving many back roads uncleared for the brunt of the storm.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has listed the following streets as expected problem areas. However, it is important to note that the travel concerns extend to other roads in the area of ​​these major routes. Remember – back roads are not given special attention by the plow crews:

1. I-25 from Colorado Springs to Wyoming, including Denver and Monument Hill

2. I-70 from the watershed (Eisenhower Tunnel) to Kansas

3. I-76 from the Front Range to Nebraska

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Blizzard conditions and high winds are expected, which are likely to result in deep snowdrifts, extremely limited visibility, and potentially fatal conditions.

This is a weekend when staying at home is probably the best and safest option for many in Colorado’s Front Range. That being said, travelers should plan ahead by packing their vehicles with safety precautions like food, water, and extra blankets to use in the event of a stranding.

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