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One thing you should know

Thought this was all over now? Yes, we aswell.


Novak Djokovic issued a statement admitted he had a bug on his immigration form Regarding previous trips to Australia – but also confessed that he did an interview and photo shoot with a French magazine while positive for COVID.

  • The top tennis player in the world said an “administrative error” on his border documents was “human error” and “not intended”.
  • He also admitted that he knew before a media interview on Jan.
  • “When you think about it, it was a misjudgment,” he said

This all comes after Immigration Secretary Alex Hawke’s office indicated that a decision on whether or not to cancel Djokovic’s visa is unlikely today.

The Australian Open starts on January 17th.

What else is going on

  • The branch of the Australian Paramedic Association in Queensland has criticized the management team of the state rescue service, called for Commissioner Craig Emery to return early from a month’s leave, but Health Secretary Yvette D’Ath has denied claims that Mr Emery was “missing on duty”.
  • WA will refer to the Northern Territory as’extreme ‘COVID risk jurisdiction starting tomorrow, consistent with every other state and territory. This means that travel from anywhere in Australia is only allowed in the most exceptional circumstances

What Australia was looking for online

Just one thing

The country’s leading health body has recommended adding a long list of services and workers to new ones COVID-19 Isolation Exceptions.

It’s all part of an offer for relief Shortage of staff and Supply chain problems (as you may have seen in the form of empty supermarket shelves) and would mean the potential for thousands more people to leave isolation and return to work.

The “Interim Guidance” was previously sent to all state and territory leaders for review tomorrow’s cabinet meetingwhere they all meet to discuss the specifics.

Here is the list of services and jobs proposed by the AHPPC – we will find out in the coming days what the national cabinet is deciding on.

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