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RHINELANDER – The Wisconsin Department of Tourism awarded three Joint Effort Marketing (JEM) grants to Chambers of Commerce in northern Wisconsin on Tuesday, June 22nd.

“We are excited to be supporting diverse, creative, and intelligent marketing efforts to bring more visitors to Northeast Wisconsin,” said Acting Secretary Anne Sayers. “Showcasing the beauty and outdoor recreation of the Northwoods, finding more ways to support the ATV / UTV community, and helping more people discover the unexpected in the Rhineland are phenomenal projects that tourism prides itself on is. “

We love the Northwoods of Wisconsin

On behalf of the Northwoods of Wisconsin, the Let’s Minocqua Area Visitors Bureau & Chamber of Commerce has been awarded a JEM grant of $ 39,550 to promote summer and fall tourism in the Northwoods.

The Northwoods of Wisconsin (NOW) is a regional marketing consortium made up of destination marketing organizations (DMOs) from six counties: Forest, Iron, Lincoln, Langlade, Oneida, and Price.

In collaboration, NOW continues the Addy Award-winning branding of “We Love the Northwoods,” a campaign launched in 2020 as a COVID-19 recovery project to promote safe travel to the region and especially the vast outdoor recreational facilities in the Northwoods to promote . This year’s campaign will boost advertising in the greater Chicago area and the Twin Cities area.

“After last year, it’s clear everyone wants the outdoors and Northwoods of Wisconsin is the perfect place to do that,” said Melissa Biszak, executive director of the Mercer Chamber of Commerce. “This year’s campaign aims to highlight our wonderful recreational opportunities and attract more visitors from abroad to come here and experience all the great things our region has to offer.”

ATV / UTV Traveler Development in Northern Wisconsin

The Antigo / Langlade County’s Chamber of Commerce received a $ 38,000 JEM grant for a research project to learn more about the ATV / UTV market segment in order to more effectively reach these active travelers. The chamber will partner with Explore Rhinelander, Let’s Minocqua Chamber, Three Lakes Chamber, Merrill Chamber, Tomahawk Regional Chamber and Forest County Chamber. The research will be used to develop a collaborative website that will provide information about the ATV / UTV opportunities in Northern Wisconsin and provide a medium for future marketing to this potential audience.

“ATVing and UTVing continue to attract large numbers of visitors to northern Wisconsin, and we look forward to learning more about the people who have already come here as well as new potential travelers who may be familiar with the great off-roading opportunities we have Unfamiliar. “In the area,” said Deena Grabowsky, General Manager of the Antigo / Langlade County’s Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center.

Campaign to rename the Rhineland destination

The Rhineland Chamber of Commerce received a JEM grant of $ 39,550 for a rebranding project scheduled to start in May 2022. Use these channels to drive traffic to the new website. They will also start a 6 week sweepstakes hosted on the new website to generate excitement for the new brand, website and social platforms.

“Rhinelander remains a popular spot for visitors from Wisconsin and outside the region, and we are excited to use this JEM grant to position the region as a must-see travel destination now and in the future,” said Lauren Sackett, General Manager of the Rhineland Chamber of Commerce.

About JEM scholarships

“Tourism is a multibillion dollar industry in the state of Wisconsin, and the industry is critical to economic recovery and success,” said the Department of Tourism. “JEM Grants are just one of the tools in the Department of Tourism’s toolbox to work with organizations and nonprofits across the state that are using innovation and creativity to bring visitors and money to their community.”

In fiscal 2021, the department funded 45 JEM projects and awarded $ 1,130,000 million nationwide. JEM grant funds are available to nonprofit organizations promoting tourism events and destinations in Wisconsin. The state can finance up to 75 percent of the advertising and marketing costs of a project in the first year and support projects in the second and third years with decreasing funding amounts until the projects are self-sufficient.

Via the Wisconsin Department of Tourism

The mission of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism is to “Inspire Travelers to Visit Wisconsin”.

“Because we believe in the power of exploration and travel, we are working to market the state as a prime travel destination,” the ministry said. “By running industry-leading marketing programs and building strategic partnerships, the department has an important role in helping tourism make a bigger economic impact for Wisconsin.”

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